OxyElite Pro Dietary Supplements: A Quick Review

Almost everyone has experienced cycles of weight gain and weight loss. Everyone wants to lose weight and lose fat but it is hard to cut down on weight because aside from the difficulty of maintaining a low-fat, healthy diet, one also has to dedicate time to exercise, “sweat it out” and “burn calories.”

But not everyone can afford the time and money needed to commit to a lifestyle of regular exercise and consistent calorie-counting.

Aside from Bariatric surgery, which has its own set of complications, there are no shortcuts to losing weight, simply put, in order to lose weight, you must have fewer calories in than calories out. But there are ways to increase the number of calories you burn even without time-consuming exercise. One of those ways is by increasing your body’s thermogenesis.

The market is inundated with a lot of weight loss supplements, diet pills, and fat burners. But which ones really work? OxyElite Pro is a product from Swan Products USA which aims to help with fat loss. It has been reformulated and now has a powerful new formula that makes it more than just a fat burner, it is a diet aid that has scientifically studied and proven ingredients that help promote metabolism, focus, and energy, all in one.

While many people think that medical experts only want to push or sell expensive drugs, the truth is that most healthcare professionals just want to follow the science. Dr. Mitchell Roslin, the chief of obesity surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in  New York City said that “While your background always leads to some bias, the truth is we just want to read data, not anecdotal stories,” he continues on to say that the nutrition and supplement industry is full of “unsubstantiated claims,” and when it comes to weight loss, “no procedure or medication compensates for a poor diet.”

Not all weight loss supplements are the same. Some are more targeted towards fat loss, specifically reducing visceral and subcutaneous or visible fat. Fat loss is more important than simple weight loss because although the number on the scale is the same, you have to consider the amount of muscle versus the amount of fat that you carry around with you.

Different Types of Supplements

There are many different types of supplements available in the market that people take with the goal of weight loss in mind, some help you decrease your appetite, suppress cravings, and block fat absorption.

Fat burners like OxyElite Pro are designed to be very effective at burning your fat. Thermogenic fat burners induce thermogenesis in the body – a natural process where food is broken down to heat energy. It is formulated not just to help you lose weight but to lose fat.

Our bodies are constantly burning calories to use as fuel for their autonomic bodily functions, these functions include breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, sweating, digestion, and many other bodily processes which do not require our active mental focus. We do these things automatically. One of these autonomic functions is the maintenance of our body temperature.

Taking a thermogenic fat burner supplement will increase metabolism which results in an increase in temperature which leads to an increase in Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This helps burn calories at a faster rate, increasing caloric expenditure without any additional work done.


OxyElite Pro is specially formulated to burn unwanted fat, increase energy for endurance, increase mental focus and preserve lean muscle gains.  If you are looking for a way to shed fat in the short term, OxyElite Pro could be for you. If you do not have the time to work out or take the time to cook healthier meals at home but still want to improve your metabolism, a thermogenic fat burner like OxyElite can also help with that. With its specific formulation of natural and plant-derived ingredients, it helps ensure that the weight you are actually losing is fat and not healthy muscle tissue or just water weight.

You do not have to work out or exercise regularly in order for OxyElite Pro to be effective. But, you will see increased results if you use it before exercising. Fat burners work to improve your metabolism and your ability to burn excess calories, even without working out.

But that’s not all there is, OxyElite Pro’s ingredients not only help you burn the fat off but it has ingredients that will help you stay focused and mentally in the zone, and it also can reduce cravings by working as an appetite suppressant. If you have problems with portion control or constantly find yourself throughout the day hankering for a snack or a quick meal. OxyElite Pro can help you lose weight by making it easier for you to brush away those cravings.

Its components also include extracts from plants which studies have shown, to improve circulation, cognition, alertness, and mental focus. All these ingredients work together to help you make the best out of your day.


The updated formula has six active ingredients in order to promote the increase of thermogenic heat, energy use, focus, and fat burn.

Thyroxine (T4) is a thyroid hormone that our body naturally produces which regulates our body’s metabolic rate, another hormone is Triiodothyronine (T3) which is what increases the basal metabolic rate. T4 is converted to T3 which increases the body’s use of energy even in a state of rest which increases the number of calories you burn.

T3 increases glycogen breakdown and glucose synthesis rates during gluconeogenesis. It also decreases the effects of insulin, which also reduced the number of calories stored as fat.

Bauhinia Purpurea extract comes from a flowering plant that grows in warmer, tropical climates. Studies have shown that its consumption increases T4 and T3 by 37% and 83%  in healthy adults. A study investigated the effects of ethanolic extract of Bauhinia purpurea (EEB) on the changes in body weight, lean mass, fat-free mass, fat percent, tissue and plasma lipid profiles, plasma glucose, insulin, and insulin resistance has shown findings that suggest that EEB administration suppresses high-caloric-diet-induced obesity and it can be developed as a potential candidate for the treatment of obesity and associated complications.(1)

Bacopa Monnieri is another plant that helps your body increase your T4 levels naturally. These extracts combined with Bauhinia help increase the fat-burning even more. It has been used by proponents of herbal medicine to not only increase endurance but also to help with cognitive functions such as memory, attention span, and mental sharpness. There is some evidence to suggest that Bacopa improves memory-free recall with evidence for enhancement in other cognitive abilities currently lacking, perhaps due to inconsistent measures employed by studies across these cognitive domains. (2) Studies have also shown that it has a significant effect on the recall of newly acquired information. (3)  Another found it to improve cognitive functions in Alzheimer’s patients.(4)

Yohimbe is a type of evergreen tree that contains an active compound that is present in many fat burners. Blocking the body’s alpha -2 receptors increases the heart rate and provides more blood flow to skeletal muscles. (5) It tells your body to burn energy and fat instead of saving it, which is what our body naturally does for excess fat or energy. Yohimbe contains Yohimbine, a naturally occurring chemical that improves blood flow and helps with circulation, some cultures take it as a supplement for sexual function. Because of these circulatory benefits, Studies found that it is safe and effective for the treatment of mild ED.(6)

Extracts from Cirsium Oligophyllum, a plant that resembles a weed in East Asia is one that helps burn subcutaneous fat, that’s the fat right below your skin. This extract, combined with caffeine, works incredibly potent when used together. The plant itself is found mainly in Europe and Africa as a diet aid and as a whole plant extract. While other fat-burners burn the visceral fat, which our body actually needs; OxyElite Pro only burns subcutaneous fat. (7)

Caffeine of course is one of the most widely consumed drugs in the world, most of us get it through coffee. It makes you alert, improves your focus, and gives you a slight feeling of euphoria. Many products in the market have too much caffeine, however, OxyElite Pro does not have excessive amounts which put you in danger of crashing. Instead, it only contains amounts that would maximize the effectiveness of the other extracts and compounds. Having only 100mg of caffeine per serving is just slightly less than your average cup of coffee.

Lastly, the reformulation now includes DMHA (2-Aminoisoheptane HCl) instead of 1,3-Dimethlamylamine HCI or DMMA. While DMHA was originally used as a drug for nasal congestion. Today, DMHA is included as an ingredient in dietary supplement products to boost workout performance, “burn fat,” or increase weight loss. DMHA shares similar functions to DMAA, DMBA, and tuaminoheptane such as the support of energy levels, acting as bronchodilators (widening of the bronchi for more airflow), decongestant activity (constricting the blood vessels for decreased swelling and therefore better ability to breathe), enhanced focus and a fairly strong appetite suppressant. (8)

DMHA can potentially also be used to help support fat loss by minimizing your desire to snack and possibly straying from your diet. DMHA isn’t a banned substance in sport, but because of its structural similarity to already banned substances, it’s best not to take any during competition.

Many Thermogenic Supplements come with a variety of ingredients and are formulated to work well to increase fat burn and increase Basal Metabolic Rate.


With OxyElite Pro’s new formula. As with any weight loss supplement, you should start light and allow your body to acclimate. The recommended dosage is at least two pills daily, to be taken on an empty stomach at least a half-hour before eating a meal. An additional dose could be taken, if desired, eight hours later—again on an empty stomach. When taken as recommended, OxyElite Pro increases the body’s metabolism, helps with appetite suppression, and turns off fat receptors in the body.

One to Two capsules in a whole day at first and later on, you may consider adding a third capsule. With the new formula, the recommendation is to ensure proper scheduling between the dosages. Take your second or succeeding dosages only after 6-8  hours of the first dosage to maximize its effectiveness and minimize any risks or serious adverse health effects.

Avoid taking the second dosage before you sleep as it contains stimulants that will keep you up. The product contains a lot of caffeine and therefore should not be taken before sleep. You don’t want to overload and take it too close to your first dose either. Proper timing is key.


One of the most common questions for people who are taking weight-loss supplements for the first time is “Is it safe?”

As discussed, OxyElite’s ingredients are derived from natural sources. It is important to always weigh the risk and benefits with the careful dosage and intake of supplements in order to maximize your benefits. For example, since OxyElite already contains 100mg of caffeine, it’s important to keep that in mind if your diet already involves a significant amount of caffeine which may increase your daily intake over the daily recommended amount for caffeine.

Although it is not linked to any deaths, it is important to consider medical advice before taking any type of fat-burning supplement containing stimulants especially if you have heart problems. As with all other supplements, it is important to understand that Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

This is a supplement intended to be consumed by healthy adults 18 years old and above. Pregnant or nursing women should not use this product. Always consult with your healthcare provider before using this product, especially if you are taking any prescription or over-the-counter medication, dietary supplements or if you have pre-existing medical conditions like cardiac arrhythmia, stroke, heart, liver, kidney, or thyroid disease, seizures, psychiatric diseases, diabetes or taking inhibitors or other drugs. This supplement may also raise blood pressure. Pregnant women should not take this supplement, neither should those under the age of 18 do so without medical advice.

Ask a licensed health care professional for guidance.

What is It For?

  • Take it as an appetite suppressant
  • It is a fat burner
  • It helps with mental focus
  • It helps with the body’s metabolism
  • It turns off fat receptors
  • Contains 100mg of Caffeine Per Capsule
  • Contains 100mg DMHA Per Capsule
  • Increased Energy and Thermogenesis without the crash
  • Helps Curb Appetite & Cravings
  • Powered by DMHA, Caffeine, and a Proprietary Fat Burning Blend

General Tips

  • Take it on an empty stomach
  • Take on does 30 minutes before the first meal of the day
  • Take you second dose 6-8 hours later
  • If you have a sensitive stomach, take it with food

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have the same formula as the original? Not exactly. USPLabs removed DMAA from the extract, and used the rest of the alkaloids (DMHA). DMAA has been removed from the old formula, resulting in the use of DMHA in the new formulation

Does it have Ephedrine or Ephedra? No, it does not contain these ingredients. It never had these ingredients even back with the original formula.

Is this a supplement for men? Both men and women can take this product. However, Pregnant or nursing (breastfeeding) women should not use this product.

Does it have caffeine? Yes. You will consume caffeine in each capsule, approximately 100mg.

Is it alright to drink alcohol while taking it? No, this supplement should not be used in combination with alcohol.

Why can’t I find this at big-name stores? The original OxyElite Pro contained DMAA. For this reason, you won’t find this at GNC, Amazon, Walmart, Bodybuilding and others. The New formulation can be found sold wherever supplements are available.

Is this available in powder form? This product is only available in capsule form.

What is the best way to take this fat burner? We recommend starting off by assessing your tolerance with one capsule with food in the morning, taking this 30 minutes before meals, on an empty stomach, and do not exceed 4 capsules daily. Take one capsule in the morning for the first 3 days, you may add another after the third day.

Who Should Take OxyElite Pro / Who Shouldn’t Take OxyElite Pro? This product is intended for healthy men or women, bodybuilders, and athletes who are looking for a fat-burning supplement to aid with weight loss, energy, focus, and performance.

Does OxyElite Pro have FDA approval? The Food and Drug Administration says the ingredient “lacks history of use or other evidence of safety.” They are encouraging interested users to contact their doctor before using the product.


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